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Teach Your Horse to Soften to the Bit- great article & advice on softening, I'll have to give this a try. SF

JILLIAN MICHAELS turns a wheel pose into a reverse push-up: Place hands behind head and feet on the ground; press up into an arch, with 1 leg extended vertically. Do 5 sets of 5 reverse pushups. #workouts_style #MFWL


Riding Exercise #8: Vertical Flexion at the Trot Goal: Whenever you lightly pick up on the reins and add leg pressure at the same time, the horse should immediately soften to the bit, tuck his nose in and create slack in the reins. More about the exercise:


Burpee - Starting in a squat position, kick or step your legs backwards into a plank position and complete a pushup. Next jump or step your legs back into the squat position and explode into a vertical jump. Bring your body back down to the squat position and repeat