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Ba jioa gui are the spirits of those whose deaths are somehow connected to their gambling debts, be it through suicide or murder. The spirit takes on an ugly form and appears at night beneath banana trees, otherwise known as nature's blackjack tables. It should be noted that appearances of this type of ghosts spiked in 1995, showing a direct correlation to theatrical release of the film Casino.


Pontianak. Women who die in childbirth become undead. She makes a sound like a baby crying, or disguises herself as a beautiful young woman. If the cry is soft, the pontianak is near; if it is loud, it's far away. A Pontianak digs into its victim's stomach with its fingernails and eats his organs. Carry a nail with you and drive it into the back of her neck if you see her. She sleeps inside banana trees in the daytime.


Pasabocas halloween: bananos y mandarinas


Nang Prai Dtaanee Banana Tree Ghost Lady - Ongk Kroo Version 4 Takrut + Bone - Kroo Rasi Akaradech

de Remember Singapore

Singapore’s Most Enduring Ghost Stories

The Banana Spirit (Singapore) The desperate man heard a story on how to control the banana spirit to help him strike 4D, so he went and struck a needle into the trunk of a banana tree, tying a long red thread between the needle and himself. The man then waited patiently until the night fell. Soon he heard a wailing sound. It was the banana spirit pleading him to remove the needle as it hurt her terribly. Having the bargaining chips,