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couching stitch - Hold a heavy thread or cord or several threads along the line to be followed. Bring needle, threaded with finer thread, up close to cord. Thrust needle down on opposite side of cord to make a stitch at right angles to it. Bring needle up to left in position for another right angle stitch. Continue taking stitches over cord, spacing them evenly. Variety with couching stitch shown A) blanket stitch B) chain stitch C) feather stitch.


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Nave conceptual de Precinct 114 por Ben Mauro / Precinct 114 concept ship by Ben Mauro


french knot - Bring needle up through material, wrap thread around tip of needle the desired number of times, thrust needle downward 1 or 2 threads from where it was brought up. Draw thread through carefully to form knot on right side. Bring needle up in position for next french knot.

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Los espejos son otro material vanguardista


Got Glutes?

Overview: By rolling the medicine ball closer to or farther away from your glutes, you will feel this exercise in different areas of your glutes. Find the one that allows you to feel it most in the lower-middle portion of your glutes. For added resistance, place a dumbbell or weight plate on your pelvis.


Cinque Terre in Italian means ‘five lands’ but these islands are no less than five precious gems embedded in this region. Thrust between high hills on one side and the clear blue sea on the other the five picturesque villages of Riomaggiore, Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia and Manarola are one of the best holiday destinations in Italy.