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Shadows magick place: Energy parasites ( Psychic vampires ) Highlight Jan 27, 2011 ... NOTE : Semantics before all: Energy parasite is a psychic vampire of some .... In Your mind or in low voice, say to them, how they are away from ... Psychic vampires - and how to deal with them - White Dragon Highlight Psychic vampires what they were historically. ... lurked in the…

The Dragon Awakens bk jk In belatedly checking my facebook email alerts I discovered three conversation messages from David Dodt Sr. that really are not related but nevertheless very informative. Conservation 1: The real Muslim history. Conversation 2: Illegal Immigration and Voter Fraud. Conversation 3: Synopsis of Dodt’s novel “The Dragon Awakens” – Conspiracy Thriller.

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A Man Slams Down A Bigoted Question So Hard He Brings Down The House