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Extracto Hamburguesas Los bocadillos se están reinventando, y en su evolución se convierten en auténticos manjares, jugosas delicias para preparar y saborear en buena compañía … todo ello sin perder su valioso papel como equilibrada y apetecible comida rápida. Este libro recoge grandes clásicas como la cheeseburguer o el socorrido perrito caliente junto a ideas que hay que probar sin dilación, como una hamburguesa con queso azul o un bocadillo de gambas al estilo tailandés, o, incluso, unas…


Decorate Your Mantel Year Round

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Chocolate Jar Cakes

Chocolate Jar Cakes Wonder how this would work for sending to our missionary @Jenni Davis @Melissa Call

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Chris Hemsworth wraps up his time shooting Ghostbusters

Chris Hemsworth wraps up his time shooting Ghostbusters #dailymail


Artist of the Day: Lee Gainer

Original idea para arte abstracto #madeintúmismo

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How to Become a Morning Person

How to Become a Morning Person and Wake Up Earlier: Bypassing the Snooze Button

Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal. Really, dude? You not only leave behind a home of palatial splendor in Alaska — and a Granny in Betty White — to earn pennies as the assistant of an icy editrix who barely knows your name, you want to marry her to secure her U.S. residency? Out of some vague notion that it might lead to you getting a promotion? Right. And I bet you can see Russia from your house too, huh?

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At Home: A Blog by Joanna Gaines

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Red Tones Canvas Wall Art Painting. This handsome abstract wall art duo puts oomph into home decorating. The main pallet is boldly hued in brilliant Red Tones, whereas yellows, white, and black act as accent colors. Geometric forms interact with line and hue to create an illusion of space and an interesting visual effect as well.


The Cotton + Wool (Dreamton) is a White Lotus Home original mattress. The wool wrap acts as a: Natural Dust Mite repellant Body temperature regulator: the wool wicks away moisture during hot months and keeps your body warm during cold months. Flame retardant: Virgin Lambswool