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LOCIÓN QUITAMANCHAS Producto diseñado para la eliminación de las posibles manchas que quedan en la piel tras la aplicación de un tinte capilar. Es una base hidroalcohólica con limpieza y de dispersión de los restos de pigmentación.


Many nice stain removal tips (from clothing, shoes, & more), plus how to unshrink a sweater ( I did not know this was possible).


A-B-C household Recipes

Hogar Recetas ABC, incluyendo limpiadores y detergentes, Plagas Recetas e ideas, lavandería eliminación de manchas y mucho más.

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How to Lighten Dyed Hair Without Damage

Christi says: I did this today to my very black hair, it lightened my hair to the color it was before I dyed it. Works way better than hair color remover and doesn't damage your hair. HOW I LIGHTENED MY HAIR DYE: Mix 15-20 crushed up (non-coated) Vitamin C tablets with enough anti-dandruff shampoo for it to become a paste. Run through damp hair and massage to lather like shampoo. Let sit on hair 1-2 hours, rinse and condition.

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How To Fade Hair Colour at Home FAST!

Vitamin C hair dye removal - step 1a

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How To Fade Hair Colour at Home FAST!

How I faded my hair colour at home—and rescued myself from burgundy hair-dye hell! — BEAUTY EDITOR


I watched (practically) every Youtube video that talked about removing blue hair dye and tried them all - here a list of what did and didn't work.


I recently wanted to remove the bright red hair dye from my hair and came across this shampoo in my local pound shop! Honestly guys this is amazing I have used every method going to removed temporary hair dyes and this beats everything I've tried! 5⭐️ product! Look out for more products I've tested ☺️

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How to Remove Black Hair Dye With No Damage

How to Remove Black Hair Dye With No Damage (5 Steps) | eHow