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App para dejar de fumar: El sistema dota en cada momento de información sobre el número de cigarrillos que se han dejado de fumar, el dinero ahorrado en tabaco y otras mejoras relacionadas con la salud: porcentaje de recuperación del oxígeno a niveles normales, disminución del riesgo de muerte, normalización de la función respiratoria, eliminación de la dependencia física de la nicotina, recuperación del gusto y olfato, aumento de la capacidad física, etc.

According to an animal study, retinoic acid receptor might help defend lungs against smoking and viral infections. Research showed that cigarette smoke exposure induced a protein to drastically reduce the strength of the retinoic acid receptor in mice. They found that the retinoic acid receptor becomes even more weakened by viral infections. The results suggest that re-establishing retinoic acid’s protective function may reduce damage to the lungs.

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How to Get Smoke Smell out of Your House

Get Smoke Smell out of Your House. Just in case I ever move into a smoker's home.


Smoke-Away Spray: Make your own all-natural cleaning spray that's specialized for getting rid of cooking odors and cigarette smoke! Get pure essential oils for your home at Be sure to message Jessica at for specials happening now, and to learn how easy it is to take back your family's health the natural way!


If the smell of cigarette smoke keeps lingering, try this simple trick to get rid of that scent! Combine these oils with 1 oz water in a spray bottle, and spray liberally around the affected area, make sure to shake well for each use.

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How to Get the Cigarette Smoke Smell Out of Your House: Step-by-Step Guide

This is a detailed step by step guide in how to get the smoke smell out of your house.

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How to Remove Nicotine From Walls and Windows

How to Remove Nicotine From Walls and Windows | eHow