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Love the Edward Hopper look. his LIGHTING I mean come on- real life doesn't even look that good
Edward Hopper - ESTUDIO DE LA LUZ
Edward Hopper, El descanso del ciclista, 1937. Carmen Pinedo Herrero
Edward Hopper - Sun in an Empty Room. My favourite - I know it's weird but I love the light, colour and space.
Edward Hopper - "The Martha McKeen of Wellfleet," 1944.   http://www.museumsyndicate.com/item.php?item=479
Vinculado al realismo moderno y centrado en representar escenas de interior cotidianas de la vida americana.
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Sally Storch, pintora norteamericana siglo xx.
Flores y Palabras: Edward Hopper: Teatro y cine
Edward Hopper
This work by Edward hopper shows how an opening can change the lighting of a room and also in doing so change the atmosphere and mood of the room.
The bootleggers Edward Hopper1925. Now in Paris. Grand Palais
Edward Hopper | automat 1927 This is another work by Hopper that depicts a time when a lot of people were moving out of small towns and into big cities to live and work. This meant that more people were living in isolation as they didn't know anyone, so even in a city filled with millions a person could be alone. Why is this woman alone at night? Is she waiting? Has she been waiting a long time? Hopper also does a good job at depicting time with the contrast between artificial light and…
Edward Hopper fue un famoso pintor estadounidense, célebre sobre todo por sus retratos de la soledad en la vida estadounidense contemporánea.