The odor from a dirty drain can permeate throughout your entire house. Bacteria grows on food that is stuck deep in the drain, creating a bad smell. Using natural cleaning products is a great way to keep your house clean and fresh while keeping your family safe and healthy.

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How to Freshen a Smelly Drain (i thought i was the only one wanting to clean the

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smelly sink drain today I’m sharing another stinky spot in your kitchen: the smelly sink drain. Have you ever smelled something in your kitchen and not quite been able to figure out where it’s coming from? Take a big whiff of your sink – yup, it could definitely be coming from there.

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How to Get a Bad Smell Out of Your Sink Drain |

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Got a blocked drain or a drain with feral breath? It happens. The kitchen is usually the worst culprit with small scraps of food getting caught. Really drains are like mouths, if food gets caught, …

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Smelly Sink: How to Clean a Stinky Drain

When your shower smells, is not only, unpleasant but also something indeed, to worry about. There are several reasons for a smelly drain such as mildew growth, built-up dirt and even body oils or urine that are washed down through the drain. However, the most frequent cause is that your shower drain is not correctly, vented and its p-trap is generally siphoned dry. This allows the sewer gas (methane gas) to come back up through the drain and enter into your home. Whatever the cause, using…

Freshen smelly sink drains without harsh chemicals.

Cleaning Smelly Drains

How to Freshen a Smelly Drain (i thought i was the only one wanting to clean the

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