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A product readily available through the AgeComfort site, the Hot or Cold Therapy wrap is produced by the Active Wrap company and is a compress elbow wrap that is built to include the use of hot/cold thermal pads to help you alleviate stiffness, pain and inflammation.


Sprains vary from mild to severe. The amount of force behind the movement determines the degree of your sprain.


Top 10 Benefits Of Wearing Leg Weights--During flare ups it can feel like I am carrying 200 extra pounds strapped to my body or that gravity alone may cause my body to collapse in on itself. My solution? I use leg weights to manage fibromyalgia pain. I wear them most of the time. It helps reduce the negative effects of fibro on my metabolism and build muscle (only a little obviously). On high pain days, I take them off. It doesn't get rid of all of my pain, but it makes it easier to…