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Wire Wrapped Front Drilled Bead Gemstone Pendant - YouTube

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✟ Pircing ✟

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RUN #2 (Best): You can't shoot a .30 Special snubby under stress accurately, right? Well maybe you can. Running a little double action-only snub nose revolver in the Trench Warfare Drill is tough and the course is best served with a full-sized handgun. Targets range from 7 to 25 yards and all are engaged after running, with one stage being done off-hand. But the TW challenge is fun and will add to your skill level with these hard-shoot-well little revolvers. NUTNFANCY

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Materials: Battery, LEDs, Switch, Wooden Drawer, Wire, Cork, BuzzerTools: Compass, White Colour Pencil, Drill Bit, Nose Plier, Super Glue, Soldering Iron, D.S.T (Double Sided Tape), Paint and Brush

double nose piercing

1/15: "This needle-nosed liner was inspired by the tiny tip of a Japanese pen. It’s perfect for dotting along your lash lines for subtle definition. Or, add a second skinny line for a cool double-vision effect." —Catherine S., Editorial Director #Sephora #DailyObsession

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