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Princess Lucie | I sit in the gardens, hair swept onto my shoulder. I smile at the ground, where I see a caterpillar making its way across the path. I hear the sound of running feet and someone runs straight into me.

Dianna Agron || hi im Sarah Rogers. Daughter of Steve Rogers. Im very loyal like my father, who despite current rumors is not a Nazi. Im trained in fighting with him and on my own i learned to shoot a gun.


Dianna Elise Agron1 (Savannah, Georgia, Estados Unidos; 30 de abril de 1986), es una actriz, cantante y bailarina estadounidense que ocasionalmente también trabaja como modelo, productora, escritora, directora y fotógrafa.


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Dianna Agron || Hey im Isabelle. Im daughter of Aurora and Philip. Im royal but i dont like that title. I just want to be like the other girls. Im kinda indie boho and artsy. Im approachable too