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Diagrama Poligonal

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Galería - Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral / Broissin Architetcs - 1

Galería de Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral / Broissin Architetcs - 1


diagrama de barres i poligons de frequència-- vitutor

DIagrama de barres i poligons de frequencia

Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral / Broissin Architetcs

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1886 Technical Drawing - Antique Math Geometric Mechanical Drafting Interior Design Blueprint Art Illustration Framing 100 Years Old

Dibujo técnico

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Interactive Math Notebook: Distance and Area in the Coordinate Plane {Grade 6}

These interactive notebook activities are intended to help students understand how to draw polygons in the coordinate plane given coordinates for the vertices, use coordinates to find the length, apply techniques for solving real world problems, understanding a rational number as a point, extend number line diagrams and coordinate axes, and understand ordering and absolute value of rational numbers.

Coloured Voronoi 2D - Tessellation - A Voronoi tiling, in which the cells are always convex polygons. Mysid (SVG), Cyp (original) - Manually vectorized in Inkscape by Mysid, based on Image:Coloured Voronoi 2D.png.

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Battle of the Countries - 3D Illustrations by ILYA Denisenko - What an ART!

La batalla de los países, ilustraciones 3D de Ilya Denisenko


"New" possibilities with rapid prototyping