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Desafío De Fitness Del Mes

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4 Ejercicios para tener un abdomen plano en tan solo 4 semanas


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1. I want this swimsuit. 2. Key exercises to help get Kate Upton's bikini body: Tone Your Arms: basic pushups: start with 3 sets of 12 each day Boost Your Booty: Do step twist lunges. After you step forward, slowly twist in the direction of your extended leg Do 10 on each side once a day. Tighten Your Abs: Side planks on either side for 30 seconds and front planks for 30 seconds as well. Do three sets every day.

This site has a free 3 month butt workout plan with many exercises designed to make your booty bigger and rounder. The free downloads let you log your progress for each day of each week for 12 weeks. There are also additional tips to make sure you add som


Tonifica tu cuerpo con esta rutina de brazos y espalda #workout #arms #back #instafit