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'Grey's Anatomy' fans launch petition to bring McDreamy back

El dr de mis sueños

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McDreamy doesn't even begin to describe his attractiveness. Estas bueno... Y lo sabes

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Behind the scenes of Grey's Anatomy with Derek Shepherd played by Patrick Dempsey! Could he look any hotter holding that baby?

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He's come along way from Ronny...

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21 Things You Need To Know Before Watching "Grey's Anatomy"

Seeing Meredith with anyone other than Derek Shepherd will always feel a bit wrong. | 21 Things You Need To Know Before Watching "Grey's Anatomy"

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Love Lessons from Hollywood's Best Husbands

RIP Derek Shepherd

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Patrick Dempsey... mi amorcito bello. Amo sus ojitos tiernos y su cabello negro. Solo espero que no sea Libra

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Meredith Grey - Derek Shepherd - Grey's Anatomy - Ellen Pompeo - Patrick Dempsey #Merder #GreysAnatomy

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For the record, there is nothing like an attractive doctor. Like come on

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Patrick Dempsey in Anatomía de Grey

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