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Definicion De Funcion Matematica

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Fractions Decimals Percents

Una forma divertida de practicar los porcentajes y fracciones decimales con este rompecabezas.


trigonometría leyes e identidades de hoja


Por otra parte, yo hablo con mi amigos en la clase de matemáticas por la mediodía.

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DIY Make Unique Number Cake

Çok mantıklıymış gerçekten, ama nerede satılıyor tabi, onu bulmak lazım..

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Quadratic Functions Foldable

Quadratic Functions Foldable: This foldable covers domain and range and the main vocabulary of quadratic functions: vertex, axis of symmetry, parabola, zeros/roots, and y-intercept. The student quickly puts the foldable together with a few cuts and folds and then fills in the definitions under each corresponding flap. Then they identify each part on the given parabola that is already graphed for them. Great for review of concepts. Can be glued into interactive notebook and used as a study…


Oh Christmas Tree: Slope Edition. This is a good tool to remember the different types of slope. I would have my students make these after we learned it in class as an activity to keep in their notebook.

Kyoto, Japan. No wonder this is on the world heritage list. GORGEOUS! And I've been there.

Comparison of classical and quantum harmonic oscillator conceptions for a single spinless particle. The two processes differ greatly. The classical process (A–B) is represented as the motion of a particle along a trajectory. The quantum process (C–H) has no such trajectory. Rather, it is represented as a wave. Panels (C–F) show four different standing wave solutions of the Schrödinger equation. Panels (G–H) further show two different wave functions that are solutions of the Schrödinger ...