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Decimal Place Value With Playing Cards!

Score sheets, a deck of cards, and pencils are all that are needed for this fun decimal place value game!

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Free! Printable base 10 blocks, place value strips (OTH thru billions, also…

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Sistema-métrico-decimal Más

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Adding & subtracting decimals anchor chart More

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Manipulando las matemáticas. Valor posicional - AULA PT

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Convert Fractions to Decimals, Percents

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Extending Decimal Place Value Understanding Through Problem Solving

Multiple representations helps students develop a deeper understanding of decimals. Download these place value mats for FREE!

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Principal 1, Guideline 1. The use of the chart within a clasroom can be a visual aid for students. Principal II, Guideline 5. Provide appropriate tools for composition and problem solving. Understanding that the 2 in the number 2589 represents 2 thousands.

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Fraction - Decimal

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Decimal Place Value Resources & Teaching Ideas

FREE Decimal Place Value Interactive Notebook Template and Ideas

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