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1x19 Provenance Dean was damn good in this one... consenting adults and the small head bob... I loved it


Dean Winchester is kickin some demon butt in the world today #croatoan He time traveled to August 1, 2014 in Season 2 Episode 9, "Croatoan"


Via Katie Paulie 3) Dean is our hope, and this season that hope has been taken away. It's always been Dean who loses everyone. Mom, Dad, Sam, Bobby, Lisa, Ben, Kevin-- the list goes on. But it gets more creative than that: Dad ignores him, ditches him, Cas lies, works with Crowley behind his back, Sam takes off, heaps his anger on Dean, works against him, doesn't look for him, and disowns him as a brother. I understand why Dean struck out at Gadreel. It was more than the First Blade.