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Dil Howlter. YOU should watch Dan and Phil play the Sims if you haven't already,its hilarious

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Okay,so,Pinterest has updated and now there's this weird ✅ button,and for every Dan and Phil thing I see I've decided to press it and then hit "I loved it".

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Oh this is my aesthetic. The biggest dorks on the internet trying to be cool

Phil: NOOOO Dan: mMhmmHmm wHaAT soRrY tHiS CeREal Is jUsT sO goOD iT tAsTEs lIkE viCTory!

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Ok. So, I just started watching Yuri on Ice and it is a really great show, u encourage you to watch it....vut I understand this now....and I'm dying.....gahhhh!!!

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That would be my face too probably. I just hope it won't be 10 years from now.. Patrick would be like 45 or something. I'd be in my 20's.

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I don't normally pin this kind of thing, but... It was just too perfect.

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Tumblr YouTube Danandphilgames Amazingphil Danisnotonfire Phan

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Dan is horrifying ohmygod....and Phil is wearing the same shirt...

I never realized that most of the time when a pun is being made, dan is looking at Phil!

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