Best. Gif. Ever. This is adorable

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I don't normally pin this kind of thing, but... It was just too perfect.

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Dil Howlter. YOU should watch Dan and Phil play the Sims if you haven't already,its hilarious

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IM LITERALLY SO DONE WITHT THIS FREAKING PHANDOM OH MY GOD<<<One is never done with the Phandom. You cannot escape...

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Dan: PHIL I KNOW IT WAS YOU Phil: Running for the first time in ten years

AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire #Christmas #comic

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dan and phil tweets - Google Search

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Phil would be blushing as soon as dan is near

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Phil: NOOOO Dan: mMhmmHmm wHaAT soRrY tHiS CeREal Is jUsT sO goOD iT tAsTEs lIkE viCTory!

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omg this is amazing

omg this is amazing

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