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Anatomy of a CyberGoth, bahahaha love this one. Gotta love Voltaire for this one. I have this book. It's great. What is Goth? By Voltaire

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Goth, Cyber Goth, Cyber Punk, Pastel Goth, post apocalyptic and Fantasy are…

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Te afano los Bitcoins con este post [GIFs] [MegaPost] Más

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I'd call this more Cyberpunk than Goth, but it's too striking not to share.

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CYBERGOTH ...haha imagine this would be a difficult look to maintain all day long but who knows.

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fuckyeahcyberlox: Cybergearz

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Cyberpunk, Cyber girl, Cyber Goth, Read Hair, future, Synthetic Dreads, cyberpunk girl, futuristic girl, punk girl, cyber fashion, black clothing, goth girl, futuristic fashion industrial, alternative girl

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Would love to have this

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Dayana Melgares

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Rubber apocalyptic vest sci fi robot futuristic stole steampunk shrug cybergoth wrap armor fetish by divamp couture

Boleros,Ropa Hot,Dualismo,Fotos 2016,Sesión,Accesorios,Steampunk Ciencia,Patrones Steampunk,Consejo

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