Curl martillo

Cross body hammer curl. An isolation pull exercise. Main muscles worked: Brachioradialis, Biceps Brachii (especially the long head), and Brachialis.
Jason Bourne Workout: How Matt Damon Got Fit | Pop Workouts The Jason Bourne workout shows how Matt Damon got fit. For the movie, Matt Damon wanted to get bigger than ever before. Being chased by the CIA, Damon tapped personal trainer Jason Walsh to get in shape for the role. In fact, Matt Damon worked out with his trainer for three movies. Spanning 18 months, …
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Curl martillo para biceps.
6am group class..arm day  Circuit 6x in this exact order for toning.  Bicep dumbbell curls 6 reps /15 lbs, hammer curls 10 reps/10lbs, full push ups 10 reps, 10 down ups landing in squat position, 35 tricep bench with bent knee and feet flat hip distance apart ( not straight out as not good for the shoulder and make sure back slides against bench). Sprint 100 yards or 1 min on treadmill...Try this 6 x at own risk. :) then do abs and 5 sets straight bar curls 8 reps....#fitgirl #bootcamp ...
Viking Ring ~ Ancient bronze spirals curl around the finger for this interesting design. This is actually really similar to my engagement ring...
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