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Cultura Tolteca Ubicacion


This vessel comes from the Aztec Templo Mayor museum in Mexico City. It seems to be an image of the death deity in female form wearing a skirt ski...


Tell Halaf, located in northeastern Syria, near the Turkish border. The site gave its name to Halaf culture which flourished in the 7th millenium in Norther Syria. Most of the monumental findings date from the Aramean kingdom Bit-Bahiani of the 10th-9th centuries BCE during which the city was named Guzana. By the end of the 9th century BCE it was incorporated into Assyrian Empire. Othostants and relief display heavy influence of Neo-Hittite style.

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Parque Arqueológico Ruinas de Copán

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The Maya ruins located at Copan in western Honduras are best known for their remarkable series of “portrait stelae” These stelea and highly sculptured decorations of these buildings are indeed some of the very finest surviving art of ancient MesoAmerica