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Cuidados Del Cordon Umbilical

Cloth Diapering a Newborn: Umbilical Cord Notches, Do you need one? | - Cloth That Counts

Average Umbilical Cord Stump Healing Time! Great info! #umbilicalcordcare #happybabytips #umbilicalcordhealingtime


Remember, THIS IS NOT A LUXURY, IT’S BASIC. The family needs to be told that, if they don’t help the mother to rest in bed, they will end up visiting her in hospital. We need to give up the notion of supermom. Do whatever it takes to get your rest time after the birth and then you will be back to your busy life sooner.


What is the Placenta? A temporary organ linking mother and fetus — brings nutrients and oxygen to and moves harmful waste and materials away from the fetus.

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Delaying Cord Clamping Explained! (VIDEO)

We did this with our 3rd as had no clue about it with our other 2. That's the difference i working with a Doula and midwife! Do your research on all aspects of labor before you just "go with the flow". This is your baby you are bringing into the world! Their health is your priority.

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5 Benefits of Delayed Cord Clamping

5 Benefits Of Delayed Cord Clamping - “It’s incredible to see what a difference an extra three minutes and one-half cup of blood can have on the overall health of a child, especially four years later,” Dr. Ola Andersson told CNN.


Umbilical stump bleeding is classic presentation for F13 deficiency (auto recessive). PT and PTT are totally normal since they do not involve the fibrin-cross linking step (just need to form the initial clot). 5M urea test.