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Me gustaba mas los premios que el Popcorn!!! jajaja


Homemade Cracker Jack

Making Homemade Cracker Jack popcorn is super easy and delicious! Sweet and crunchy, this addictive caramel corn is better than the original!


Homemade Cracker Jack Snacks

This is delicious hot or cold, fresh or stale, by yourself or with a buddy. You get the idea. 2013 note – We eat this for family movie night...


©1960 Cracker Jack Pop Corn Confection Box - Candy Copated Popcorn, Peanuts and a Prize...That's What You Get With Cracker Jacks!


"Cracker Jacks". The Cracker Jack toys used to be so cute. You found them in the box first,before eating the candied popcorn. Null.

Cracker Jack prize- always exciting to see what came in the box. Grandma Leavitt would buy these for us.

Cracker Jacks Cupcakes

Today we are sharing fun Cracker Jacks Cupcakes. Who doesn't love Cracker Jacks? And combined in a cupcake! It's easy & will be the hit of the party.


Cracker Jack Prizes Are Lame…

Once upon a time, in 1893 on the eve of the Chicago World’s Fair, Frederick William Rueckheim and his brother Louis, dreamt of a million dollar idea – “candied popcorn and peanuts…

CONFECTION with Trading Cards: 1914 Cracker Jack Advertisement. Cracker Jack offers 176 baseball trading cards. Eat Cracker Jacks.


Snack Food History Lesson

Image detail for -Original vintage Halloween themed magazine ad for Cracker Jacks.