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Las frases de Jack Sparrow, fuente de sabiduría | Disney Blogs

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Elizabeth Swan: a pirate. It only really dawned on me just how much of a pirate she became when I saw Angelica in OST, and how she didn't want to kill anyone. She didn't want to be like Elizabeth. I wish I still had the films with me.

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The thing that I love about this is, The Queen Anne's Revenge (Blackbeard's ship) was a slave trading ship. She was named the HMS Concord until she was captured by the French in 1711 and renamed La Concord de Nantes (this is when she became a slave trading vessel). Blackbeard commandeered it and renamed it after the Queen Anne's War, which he had fought in and lost. Captain Edward Teach and Captain Jack Sparrow had a little more in common than they might have realized. In these movies, at…

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Just Jack Sparrow....


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El Codigo Del Pirata

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Eugh Elizabeth :/ still can't like her for killing jack in dead man's chest <3 :'(

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Just For Fun

Poor Captain Jack Sparrow (Sorry for the cuss words)

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Damn you Jack sparrow

Aunque Honestamente,En Serio,Erótico,Jcd,Ol Johnny,Filmstars,Hoooot,Parlay,Jack Sparrow Memes

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Johnny Depp is so deep bro [][] #shoutout #Johnnydepp #wierdisthenewnormal

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Some awesome Captain Jack Sparrow quotes to brighten your day! - 9GAG

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