Check out the average wedding cost in 2012 from the largest real wedding study out there. Survey by and

Infographic: The National Average Cost of a Wedding is $28,427

How Much a Wedding Costs

How Much a Wedding Costs

Average Wedding Cost in the United States is $26,444.
Just released! The national cost of a wedding is..... and we're gunna try to cut that down a bit...

The National Average Cost Of A Wedding Is…

Wedding Budget vs Real Wedding Cost:  Cost of Wedding was created to help couples understand real wedding costs. We provide several tools to help you map real wedding cost or spending to your wedding budget.  You can even type in your zip code and get an average range of spending for your location. Averages are based on spending of other couples not wedding vendor prices.
How to plan a wedding on a budget, I had no idea how much weddings cost these days. When I read that the average wedding costs upwards of $20,000 I think I died a little inside. There was simply no way we could afford that. Going into debt for our wedding is not an option, so we were going to have to shave a zero off of that number, unconventional wedding, wedding budget, wedding planning

How To Plan A Wedding For Under $2000

Average Wedding Budget.  People, this is insane. ---- use as a breakdown of very specific costs

What a $25,000 Wedding Budget Looks Like

Average Wedding Costs  Learn how to create a wedding budget and see how much the average wedding costs in this infographic from
The Average American Wedding Costs More Than Half Your Salary -- Welll good thing I've pinned multiple CHEAPER weddings/ideas!
Getting Married? The average wedding costs $29,858.00. Here's some tips and tricks on how to plan an elegant and budget friendly wedding.

How will we pay for our wedding?

What A Wedding Costs (When You Use Professionals)... this is SO good to know so you can be prepared for costs!

What A Wedding Costs (When You Use Professionals

Traditional wedding invitations focus on white or cream color cardstock. A more modern invitation allows for variations in colors to be used. Once considered taboo, using a black border on your invitations can make them now seem chic. An estimated 45% of weddings in recent days are considered to be encore events, meaning the bride

12 Non Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

Wedding Cost Infographic.... except I'm pretty sure the dress will cost more..
Something Blue , Wedding traditions, old and new
Curious how the wedding you’re planning compares to the tons of others happening this year? This fun infographic from WeddingCrowd sheds some lights on the average wedding costs — and ways couples are keeping them down — for 2013.