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Idea para escenografía para escuelita o club bíblico (✿◠‿◠)


The Sea of Galilee Boat is historically important to Jews as an example of the type of boat used by their ancestors in the 1st century for both fishing and transportation across the lake. Previously only references made by Roman authors, the Bible and mosaics had provided archaeologists insight into the construction of these types of vessels. The boat is also important to Christians because this was the sort of boat used by Jesus and his disciples, several of whom were fishermen.

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Massive 5,000-Year-Old Stone Monument Revealed in Israel

About 8 miles (13 kilometers) northwest of the Sea of Galilee, a newly identified crescent-shaped monument was built about 5,000 years ago.

Early Islamic caliph's palace restored in Israel - 30,000 EUs bestowed on construction

1,500 year old Mosaic just discovered in Beit Kama, Northern Negev during new road construction on the path of the biblical road from the Galilee to Beer Sheva. These are remains of what appears to have been an ancient Christian / Jewish Estate with a travellers inn , synagogues, a monastery & probably wine presses. l ynet פסיפס צבעוני בן כ-1,500 שנה נחשף בבית קמה - תיירות l May 2013

During the construction of a new residential quarter, north of the new Yaʽarit neighborhood, a team of archaeologists from the…


#Italie #Pise . Véritable emblème de la ville, la tour penchée de Pise est une des constructions les plus belles et les plus étranges du monde. Défiant les règles architecturales, la tour de Pise est naturellement penchée et s'incline de plus en plus en direction du sud chaque année. La légende dit que, du haut de cette tour, Galilée mesura le temps de chute de différents corps et put établir que la vitesse de leur chute était la même pour tous.

A monumental synagogue building dating to the Late Roman period (ca. 4th-5th centuries C.E.) has been discovered in archaeological excavations at Huqoq in Israel’s Galilee. “Our mosaics are also important because of their high artistic quality and the tiny size of the mosaic cubes. This, together with the monumental size of the stones used to construct the synagogue’s walls, suggest a high level of prosperity in this village, as the building clearly was very costly.”