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Review: Updated: BlackBerry Priv Read more Technology News Here --> Introduction and design Update: BlackBerry has now released its Android 6 Marshmallow update for the Priv and it comes with a selection of new BB specific features as well as the tweaks Google provides. You can download the update right now. Well this is a turn-up for the books. After almost four years of banging the BlackBerry 10 drum it seems the Canadian firm has finally admitted defeat…

Burn more calories on the elliptical. Turn up the resistance and aim for 140 to 160 strides per minute (SPM). Pull and push the handles to work your upper body; go backward, pushing into your heels to target your glutes and hamstrings; and challenge your core by pumping the arms without holding on.


Speed Workouts for Triathletes

Science behind why interval workouts produce results, followed by 4 recommended interval workouts per Tri discipline.


This article mentions an award that the Wal-Mart foundation gave to seven non profit groups to aid workforce development. (0196).

Huawei wants to change your mind about its smartphones and it's working - CNET Based in Chinas electronic hub of Shenzhen Huawei has long aimed to be a global brand and over the last few years has worked hard to shake off first impressions from its early budget phones. The company started off as a telecoms equipment provider as well as a maker of Wi-Fi dongles before entering the phone market with cheap handsets. But the last few years have seen Huawei impress with premium flagship…

“Shock” your opponents and play “Extra” hard. Keep the “Snickers” to a minimum & pound it to the ground! Your teammates are your “Lifesavers,” play together! Do it the “Bulldog Way” (For this one, we got Milky Way candy bars and covered up the 'Milky' on the front and put the word 'Bulldog' in its place) Don’t have “Butterfingers,” “Crunch” your competition! Play like you’re playing for “100 Grand” Take big “Strides” toward the net Keep the winning “Spree” alive!

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Polyvore Hits 15M Monthly Uniques By Embracing the Pinterest Effect

The latest darling in town is making strides.