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Como Hacer Calaveras Literarias

Un Deco Tip Tendencia y Sin Gastar Mucho! Entrá a

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Teatro de sombras

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Calaveras Literarias Noviembre 2013 TIC's

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Xcaret on

El altar de muertos es el elemento principal de la tradición mexicana del Día de Muertos. ¡Aprende como hacer uno!

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Recuerda no olvidarlos: frases mexicanas del día de muertos.

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Love, Caroline O.: Dead Photoshoot

Don't know why I never thought of doing a Where the Wild Things Are tattoo before. I want this so bad now!

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Research - If you want to write a murder mystery, you have to do some research... In a luxury flat in Monaco, John Houston's supermodel wife lies in bed, a bullet in her skull. Houston is the world's most successful novelist, the playboy head of a literary empire that produces far more books than he could ever actually write. Now the man who has invented hundreds of best-selling killings is wanted for a real murder and on the run from the police, his life transformed into something out of…

Nester's like a boy in the basement who's so quiet you start to get worried.What the hell's he doing down there?We find out exactly what dirty, obsessive business he's been up to when he comes upstairs and hands us this book, in which he writes about love gone wrong, bands gone wrong, and the history of mooning.Mooning!He writes about a video-game king, a Christian-rock parody band, and the literary history of farting!Farting!

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Calaveras Literarias Noviembre 2013 TIC's

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