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Como Hacer Arbol Genealogico

Most of us use Google search to look for our ancestors on a regular basis. After all, once we're done searching our favorite family history sites directly,

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Tips to Locate Elusive Ancestors

Tips to Locate those Elusive Ancestors| One of the keys to doing research on your ancestors is to be patient. From there you can figure out using some of these suggestions of what you might be missing in finding those elusive ancestors. Use these alternative tips for researching those hard to find ancestors: #ancestor #genealogy #familytree #research #women

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Genealogical Standard of Proof.

Genealogical Standard of Proof. When doing your family history research you look for primary vital records. Keep in mind they are not 100% accurate, someone can provide incorrect information or a clerk can put the name or date down wrong by mistake. For genealogists, they try to use a Genealogical Standard of Proof. #genealogy #familytree #sources


We've all run into the problem of conflicting information. Family lore may tell you a certain ancestor was born in 1850 in Kansas. But information on a 1900 census has a different birth date. Finally, there's an obituary with a totally different year and place of birth. What a mess! So what do you b...


Do you recognize your ancestor's friends in the family photos? Who was important to your ancestor? Not all of the photographs you have in your collection will be of your ancestors. You may well have photographs of individuals who are not related to you.