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Como Dibujar Un Murcielago

Y agarraré el lápiz, escogeré un color y dibujaré sonrisas a tutiplé. Iluminaré de luz mi entorno. Me aventuraré a lanzar trazos de alegría sobre los renglones de cada día. Dibujaré  mis sueños, los entrelazaré con  tus ideas, crearemos propuestas... Y me dibujaré cada día. Y al dibujarme, conversaré contigo. Eeeegunon mundo!!


Seriously the cutest bat I've ever seen!! Would love this as a tattoo!!!! Doodles by David Kawena, via Behance

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Cómo dibujar un murciélago

Imagen titulada Draw a Bat Step 9

(ok, i joined an really fun convo with some of you guy's awesome Angel characters (@mattipetzillagi and @Akcdoglover) and created a character just for these chats.) Kasaiitei is a cocky but shy new Angel slave on your master's planation. She's half fallen angel and has black wings that have both feathers and scales and she has a tail. Most of the other slaves avoid her. But your character just saw her defend a younger slave from one of the overseers. Do they go talk to her?


Learn to Draw Animals. Really simple step-by-step instructions, for kids who think they can't draw! From the Activity Village website, which has all sorts of great ideas for keeping them entertained.


Tutorial de alas de dragon

Tutorial de alas de dragon

Tutorial de alas de dragon