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Cat Enclosure: Beautiful deck for both people and their cats.


Sansone is one of the three dogs my housekeeper keeps in the backyard locked in a very big cage beside the henhouse. I understand they can not be free all the day because there's nothing at home and the road alonside our house is very dangerous becau Must Have Pet Coverage!

Absorbent Products Stall Dry Deodorizer 40 lbs by Absorbent Products. $16.70. Neutralizes ammonia on contact with urine.. "Neutralizes ammonia on contact with urine.Absorbs up to 140% of its weight in liquid and will do so repeatedly.Has less than 1% free crystaline silica (non-carcenagenic).Coverage of up to 1,000 sq. ft (5-6 times greater than competitive products.Can be used on dirt, wood, concrete or metal trailers/cages.Safe with all animals, horses, dogs, rabbits, ...

Doggy crate cover--buy ready made or order a DIY kit from Several patterns available in 2 sizes.


Low Rise Pet Containment System

- The Eco-Conscious Convertible Pet Gate can span wide areas to keep your dog confined on the other side of wide spaces. A freestanding pet gate is ideal because it can set up and be taken down easily


Hooray! Michael and Rita James and CAGED North West staked out the Manchester airport to block the shipment of 24 more Irish #greyhounds to China yesterday!


A dangerous dog who was locked up in a tiny cage with no exercise for two years will get a taste of freedom thanks to media coverage of her case. Pitbull Stella who was only allowed out of her...

Charity saves cat trying to escape from Chinese slaughterhouse

Stop the killing. US charity Duo Duo Animal Welfare trying to end annual Yulin Chinese dog-meat festival.

Empty Cages Worldwide's photo: Real Men Rescue Animals Ayrapetyan, a long-time dog owner, brought 11 stray dogs from Sochi in the back of his BMW SUV in January, after reading a Facebook post that said local authorities had hired a company to shoot street dogs and cats ahead of the Winter Olympics, which opens Friday. Read More:

Shocking images of hundreds of cats due to be eaten at Yulin festival

Shocking images of hundreds of cats due to be eaten at Yulin festival #DailyMail | See this & more at: