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1851. How Clarence House looked when the Duchess of Kent, mother of Queen Victoria lived there. The house was quite smaller than it is now. Instead of 4 stories, it was only three. Also, the house was later widened and reconfigured inside.

1861. This was painted when the Duchess of Kent, Queen Victoria’s mother, lived in Clarence House. The dining room really hasn’t changed much at all since that time – except for the moldings and the mantel. Such a tiny table for such a large room!!!cla

The Duchess of Kent’s Large Drawing Room. This room seems to match the current Drawing Room in size and layout. Plus, there is a fireplace chimney on the back side of the house. The drawing room is located over the Dining Room and this is the same exact size with the three windows. Also, the molding remains there today. The décor is much more sophisticated than that of Prince Alfred who lived in the Clarence House right after the Duchess This is not cluttered, nor a mishmash of…

In the corner is a painting of the Queen Elizabeth as a little girl. And notice the framed drawing of the Queen Mum’s corgi dogs

The Duchess of Kent’s Sitting Room. This room changed once Prince Alfred renovated – the window on the left was closed to make room for the widening of the building. At that time, the fireplace was moved, also. This room is decorated to coordinate with the Large Drawing Room. The same velvet fabric was used in both rooms along with the same consoles, though the carpet and chandeliers are different.