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so true. i had to block her on facebook only for her to create a new account so she could continue to stalk and she also discovered pinterest while stalking me on facebook and followed me over here. Her whole game is weak!!!!

Just. Stop. You embarrass yourself on a daily basis and especially with ALL the things I know you should be extremely embarrassed!


Welcome back! Find anything interesting? Seems your life is a little boring perhaps? Hmm Maybe you should add me or try change. it's a cool concept. P.S. It's 2014! Get over it already! Hugs


exactly. you 'hate' me so much that you spend more time on my facebook/pinterest accounts than you do your own.

Yep and you're just about to felony level! Won't that suck? So you may want to quit stalking me...just sayin'


Isn't this the truth. Oh how people can talk sh!t but yet they never confront. My Posts - #Quotes


Within reason... As an often over-sharer this is something I need to remember.


Bitter & ugly ex's who try to get with you 100 times after you break up with them when you turn them down they turn bitter trying to destroy your life even after 20 years-losers "20 years & still obsessed with me-I'm that amazing" I turned them down so they tell everyone they don't want me & then try to destroy any relationship because they want to be with me this is called obsession to another degree. Stop stalking me-I don't like BALD, broke, and ugly. Actually guys like this are doing you…