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Running | Shin Splints ......... Shin splints typically develop after physical activity. They are often associated with running. Simple measures can relieve the pain of shin splints. Rest, ice, and stretching often help...... Learn More.....


This site has stretches and treatments for shin splints, which I have a problem with after beginning my walking program (again).

Enerskin Compression Knee Sleeves help to reduce knee pain, swelling and inflammation. They're great for providing stability and relief to people with patellar femoral pain syndrome, IT Band Syndrome, calf cramps, shin splints, muscle oscillation, knee cap tracking, torn ACL, MCL meniscus tears as well as hamstring control and more!


BEHOLD - the unknown power of SOAP … for LEG CRAMPS!!! While scientifically they have not been able to prove why it works, it does!! If you are suffering from leg cramps, purchase any type of soap (except Dove, sorry Dove), place the unwrapped soap between your sheets and this will eliminate cramps. We usually keep unwrapped soaps in a mesh bag nearby and bring it out when someone's leg starts cramping. Works EVERY time. Who knew??

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Weird Remedies, or What else Preparation H, Duct Tape, Soap (and more) Can Do for You

Looking for non-traditional cure for puffy circles under the eyes, for warts, leg cramps, toenail fungus or other embarrassing problems? We've found cures that work for many and might work for you! Read this entertaining and informative page for some good natural health tips.

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Our passion lies in all aspects of podiatry including sports, paediatrics, diabetes and general podiatry. We believe in only providing the best service and care for our patients. We are committed to ongoing professional development and are always looking for the “next and newest” available treatments for our patients.


When the shoes you are wearing are not comfortable, the pain that begins in your feet can travel all the way up through your legs and hips, to your back. This can cause serious discomfort. If you want comfort for your feet, check out the range of #inserts and #insoles to solve this problem.