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Chris Colfer as openly gay Kurt Hummel in Glee (2009-present)

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Chris Colfer, one fmy fav auhors! :D

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Chris Colfer style...

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Idk who this guy is but he's awesome. And I would be hanging with the twins, duh

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Glee Star Chris Colfer Appears in August Man

When trying to convince a homophobe that gay people are beautiful and amazing, all you need to do is show this photo and all will be said.

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Chris Colfer, Kurt Hummel, Glee

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Sorry, World! Adam Lambert And Chris Colfer Took All The Glam, And Now There's None Left

Verlos Juntos,Gusta,Kurt Chris Colfer,Fabuloso,Maravilloso,Colfer Adam,Colfer 16,Adamlambert Chris,Gorgeous Glambert

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completlyclueless on

How to fall with style << Chris Colfer is a precious cinnamon roll of a human being and he shall not be harmed

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