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Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge: Day 4 - Least Favorite female character and why - Cho Chang. I always liked Ginny and always hopes that Harry would end up with her. When he kept throwing his affections at Cho, I immediately disliked her. And the way things turned out between them, I think I was absolutely right in saying he should be never hooked up with her.


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Cho Chang

Day 4 Least favorite female character and why? Cho Chang, she is boring to me. I don't know much about her and she betrays Dumbledore's Army.


Why Not Cho Chang? part 1/2 // cho chang, Harry Potter, hp, Marietta edgecombe


I always thought it was weird how Cho is shown as this interesting, popular, likable girl when Harry has a crush on her but later when he is dating her she is depicted as needy and devoid of substance. She went through a lot and just because she isn't Harry's end game love interest (which I fully support because Ginny Weasley is queen) and she was hurting suddenly all her charm and personality vanish. What's up with that?


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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