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Here are some nocturnal animals: SMALL EARED GALAGO: They are known as bush babies and have remarkable jumping abilities. They can jump 6 ft straight up into the air. Because of their long thick skinned human like fingers, they can hold onto tree limbs and jump from branch to branch. GIANT ANTEATER: They can be 5 to 7 ft. long. They use their sharp claws to rip open termite or ant mounds. They sleep during the day and feed after sunset. INDIAN FLYING FOX: They are known as giant fruit…


These Sulawesi fruit bats (Acerodon celebensis) are jammed into crates and taken to market in Indonesia.

Spectacled flying foxes smiling in their sleep


Late season hunting tips

Healthy Homemade Fruit Snacks

Flying Fox Bat - So Adorable!

Fruit fly trap. Genius!

Show your wisdom or wizardry with our owl t-shirt. Owls have large forward facing eyes to help them see in the dark and judge distance. Their soft plumage enables them to fly silently and they have excellent hearing. Be a supreme night hunter like the owl, just don't forget to spit out the bones and hair! This shirt depicts many of the species of owls commonly seen, including great horned, barred and snowy.Printed in intricate detail on Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton stone gree...

Those are a variety of fruit fly that are attracted by chemicals emitted by the fungus that mimic rotting fruit or meat. In this way, the flies help spread its spores.