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La nostalgia de la luz : Photo

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@get-dunkedon is such a kind person and nice to... - [that person]

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Round Chopping Boards with Scorched Edge: After falling down, someone picked this up, cut and rubbed away all sharp edges and polished it up to a lovely shine. Then, toasted the outside. Or, conversely...Fallen down, ripped apart by a very sharp saw, ground down mercilessly and then, then (!) burned. All in the way you look at it: half full or half empty.

Mi hijo esta pensando en una carrera profesional y yo estoy buscando algunos tips para que logre exito en los estudios universitarios. Encontré algo de ejercicios de psicología inversa, pero leyendo cada uno de los puntos, creo siempre estamos cayendo en estos hábitos. took me an embarrassing amount of time but recently while falling down the rabbit hole that is YouTube, I found an interview with Scott Stapp and I watched the whole thing. Later when I listened to this song, I remembered something that he said in that interview about how when he wrote songs, it was the only time he felt God's presence and I got the meaning of this song.

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installation arts

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Imagem de black, house, and dark

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Gabby O’Connor, "What Lies Beneath", 2012, an installation of dyed and lacquered tissue paper stapled together and lit with natural light augmented by fluorescent lights.

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