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Catarro Comun

The common cold is caused by various types of virus which includes coronavirus, echo virus, paramyxovirus, rhino virus and the adenovirus.


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Catarro común: síntomas y remedios

Infografía sobre el catarro común. El catarro común es una infección leve de las vías respiratorias, causada por virus que tiene unos síntomas claros y se puede contagia fácilmente de persona a persona. #infografia #catarro #resfriado


Common cold & viruses are often spread by hand contact or by touching contaminated surfaces such as light switches, door handles, phones, pens, keyboards or money. They're also spread by sneezing, coughing & breathing. A great way to protect yourself is to avoid touching your eyes, nose & mouth and to wash your hands regularly with warm water & soap. Try using Forever Aloe Liquid Soap.

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