Check out different good-bye letter and poem options (some have rhyming lines) as well as a few gift ideas!
Hello Middle School Families! I am looking for a volunteer(s)  from each middle school grade to lead the auction art project this year.  Pro...
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Quilled flowers for a thank you card
Chinese Take Out Box Vase, Spring centerpiece, Spring decor, Spring table decorating

Chinese Take Out Box Centerpiece

Remember making these as a kid? Cute and easy paper plate wreaths! Made with tissue paper, pom poms and ribbon. Created by @Gina Gab Solórzano Bell... East Coast Mommy with her boys.

Easy Craft for Kids: Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

cardboard animals
cut paper snowflakes patterns - Bing Изображения
This simple idea to wrap a tic tac box with a personalized message allows you to say thank you to your parent volunteers. It's the thought that counts!
paper snowflake tute