Carly Manning

How the Plano Panthers Cheer Squad Became World Champions. Not the best article to enhance the views of others about cheerleading.. Fantastic picture of Carly though!!!

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Carly and Gabi <3 I remember when this was taken. This was when they were interviewed and stuff, and the news people looked into the life of an Allstar Cheerleader!!!

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Carly Manning wearing Cheer Athletics Panthers' new uniforms // WORLDS 2013

Carly Manning

Cheer Athletics Wildcats The Cheerleading Worlds 2014 #mindcheer #mindstyle

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Cheer athletics wildcats my favorite Allstar cheer team of all time

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Jacy) "You can try and compete against me but I have won worlds 4 times and won many more comps. Good luck!"

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How cool would that be to say, "Oh? Carly Manning? Yeah, she's on my high school cheer team!"

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Teen Vogue puts a spotlight on Cheer Athletics Wildcats' Carly Manning.

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