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Outside Found School Bus Conversion Project:  All the best ideas & resources for your skoolie!
You bought a school bus to convert into a home on wheels, NOW WHAT? If you need some suggestions and tips on how to begin your conversion, click on this post. discoveringusbus.com
The Tiny School Bus House
a $30,000 Hitchcock's moving castle (including $5000 former school bus, $2000 maintenance and repair before ripping everything out; grinding down the rivets; adding insulation, electricity and plumbing; framing out areas for a bathroom, bedroom and garage; and building custom furniture and storage)
o un agregado de madera
"I'm too sexy for the road," plays every VW camper on this list! There are few old cars with such lasting iconic power as the VW Campervan. Hippies, surfers, world travelers and many others delight in restoring these old automobiles into modern day delights. These classic vans make the perfect shell...