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No es porque tenga Boston y negro pero es color es el más imponente de los Daneses


Danes have to put up with so much. Why? Because it's so much fun for the owners! But I don't know . . . it looks like the Danes below might be plotting to get their owners back at some point. Their expressions say that their owners should sleep with one eye open. I know I would. But then again the worse that would likely happen would be the Danes licking them to death.                 Share with your friends:


Los Gran Daneses me pueden !!!! Será porque tuve uno ... son inteligentes, buenos, juguetones, parecen que siempre fueran cachorrones !!!!


Mascotas en Razas y especies. Cuidados básicos: alimentación, higiene, salud. Equipamiento para animales domésticos. Técnicas de adiestramiento.


Great Dane... but who does this remind you of!?! Hahaha :) @Jess Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl Liu Atkinson

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Love great danes =)

Sillón para 2 Gran Daneses ... igual me parece que falta un poquito de largo ....

Estos grandotes Gran daneses, son de lo más adorable y amoroso ....