Looks con botas de agua http://cocktaildemariposas.com/2014/02/05/looks-con-botas-de-agua/

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Selección Pinterest… ilustraciones

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Casual #streetstyle

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Madre y dos hijas lámina dos chicas regalo por VickieWadeFineArt

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de Sabotazystka

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bonita flor de tela. tutorial

bonita flor de tela. tutorial

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striped shirt + olive jacket

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This street is lonely, a little too bright for melancholy or foreboding, however the reflection is what catches my eye because ice reflects the same way and I wonder if using a reflection can create an element of foreboding by the continuous unknown or distortion of a thing

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Lluvia de primavera

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hoy tortasfritas y corte de pelo 💇🏼 para un día lluvioso..

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