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Ruano Azul. Casi insólita la coloración de este amigo, totalmente hermoso. La verdad es que la madre naturaleza es sorprendente.

Grulla frente calva, si me equivoco. Alguien me corrija. Tal vez es un Ulsblakk o algo asi, no se como se escribe. De cualquier manera, magnífico caballo!

de Taringa!

Simplemente fotos de caballos

* *> A horsefly can't do a horse much damage, but it can drive it wild anyway. [Horse flys can be hideous in that the Bot horse fly will land on the skin and if not flicked off, in its' early stage, will leave a larvae that burrows into the skin and begins living off the muscle tissue of the animal. If not noticed, it can cause a red wound around it which is a opportunistic site for infection as the larvae grows.


Gayfields Speedy Getaway, a blue roan Welsh Sec. B stallion. This picture shows the upside down V's you'll see on the front legs of a lot of true roans.