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Cushing's disease: Excessive, curly hair coat growth, either over the entire body or over the neck and shoulders is a classical clinical sign of Cushing's disease in horses. (Photo: Dr. Nicholas Frank, DVM, University of Tennessee)


The Spotted Saddle Horse - crossed with Spanish-American type pinto horses with gaited horse breeds (such as the Tennessee Walking Horse) to produce a colorful horse that was smooth gaited and possessed strength and stamina. The breed has a reputation for being gentle and easy to handle, surefooted and agile, good on steep and rough trails.


Protect Horses from Torture! Sign the Petition to End Soring

Protect Horses from Torture! Sign the Petition to End Soring | ASPCA

Please click this & vote NO. "This bill is not about the horse slaughter debate at this point. It's about Tennesseans' constitutional right to have access to the courthouse. This bill closes courts to litigation to everyone except the wealthy."

Wild Blues father, the magnificent Windy Cloud, he is very powerful. He can take any mustang, and is out to get his son, Wild Blue. He is very fierce and wild. It would take a miracle to get a mare to change him forever. His new mate is now Ninx, who he loves dearly and has changed him into a kinder, sweeter stallion, still with a little sass and power