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3 Excelentes ejercicios para tonificar los brazos desde casa

Excelentes ejercicios para tonificar los brazos desde casa/

de TKM Argentina

Este es el único ejercicio que tenés que hacer para tener la cola del verano

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6am group class..arm day Circuit 6x in this exact order for toning. Bicep dumbbell curls 6 reps /15 lbs, hammer curls 10 reps/10lbs, full push ups 10 reps, 10 down ups landing in squat position, 35 tricep bench with bent knee and feet flat hip distance apart ( not straight out as not good for the shoulder and make sure back slides against bench). Sprint 100 yards or 1 min on treadmill...Try this 6 x at own risk. :) then do abs and 5 sets straight bar curls 8 reps....#fitgirl #bootcamp ...