I stopped waiting for the world to give me what I wanted; I started giving it to myself ☼ Byron Katie

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What are the four questions that you need to ask to set yourself free of pain and suffering? Byron Katie's "Loving What Is" has powerful answers.

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"Who is more hurtful: the person who wronged you once or you for reliving it over and over in your head?" - Byron Katie

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Byron Katie Quote

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Fear has only two causes; The thought of losing what you have, or the thought of not getting what you want. (Byron Katie)

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:D así mi vida INCREÍBLE

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A thought is harmless unless we believe it A thought is harmless unless we believe it. It's not our thoughts, but our attachment to our thoughts, that causes suffering. Attaching to a thought means believing that it��s true, without inquiring. A belief is a thought that we��ve been attaching to, often for years. — Byron Katie

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http://www.loalover.com/reality-is-always-kinder-than-your-thinking/ - Reality is always kinder than your thinking

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Y no es mi ocupación buscar tu aprobación. Mi propia aprobación es trabajo mío, de nadie más. yo soy mi propia creación.

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Pay close attention to the particular thoughts you use to deprive yourself of happiness. — Byron Katie

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