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Budismo Mahayana

"If you want connection, it’s because you are connection. Be what you want, and then it happens all around you. If you want love, be it. You’ll have more love than you know what to do with. Whatever you are inside, you receive a thousand fold on the outside." —Adyashanti ..*


If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path---Nichiren Diashonin Buddhism SGI - Si se enciende una lámpara para alguien más, también aclarará su trayectoria --- Nichiren Diashonin budismo SGI


The Great Mother Prajnaparamita is the feminine aspect of the supreme Buddha and symbolizes the perfection of wisdom in Mahayana Buddhism. It is considered one of the most vital and deities is often seen as the Mother of all Buddhas. She is often shown seated in the lotus position doing Dharmacakra mudra, gesture symbolizing the wheel of law turns. His face is serene and wears many jewels on her arms, hands and feet. The Book of Wisdom is based on a lotus flower.


"La no permanencia es sufrimiento. Todos los seres no son permanentes y mueren. ¿No has oído hablar de las personas que murieron en el pasado? ¿No has visto alguno de tus familiares morir? ¿No te das cuenta de que nos hacemos viejos? Y aún así, en lugar de practicar el Dharma, te olvidas de dolor pasado". - Padmasambhava, siglo octavo, el Tíbet